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Travel to Cuba, lodging with Quality and Low Price

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Who are we?, Legality, Advantages, How can I reserve?

Who are we?
We are owners of houses or apartments that possess their legal license to exercise the lease of their property or part of him.
In our country it is absolutely legal the exercise of this activity, paying the corresponding tax, for what we include in the details of each lodging the number of legal license, the owner's name, his identification number, his address and every data available.
The comunication with us the owners is direct, without any third persons, so we can have more flexibility in the prices. To enjoy this advantage you should ask your reservation directly with us, through the ¨Details of the lodging places, Reserve¨.
In the wrote information are all you need about the house, and some photos in color where you can see the lodging place areas and the shared areas with the family, also there are photos of the owners.
ALL the owners in this site have comun factors: love for the excellence, human warm, exquisite treatment and a good feeling for the clients.
How can I reserve?
In ¨Details of the lodging places, Reserve¨ you can see the owners of lodging places, according their residence zones. Click on the name of the owner, and you can get all the information about him, so name of the owner, license number, address, phone, fax, and email, then you can use the proper way to communicate with him directly. Press Continue to see our new site, where you can reserve.
Good luck and happy time in Cuba.
Press to see our new site, where you can reserve.
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